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Make Your Written Description Soar

In order to become a great seller on eBay you’ll have to write a descriptionof what you’re selling. Browse the categories and see what other sellershave written. You’ll find some that are brief and to the point, some are dryand boring and then sometimes you’ll come across a very creativedescription that stands out from the crowd. Some will even make you laugh. 

Perhaps you’ve gotten emails from friends that have been forwarded amillion times about a certain item for auction on eBay. The reason thisparticular ad is getting so much attention is because the seller has gottencreative in wording the ad. Some ads that get all this attention are sellingunique one-of-a-kind items (like a husband) but that doesn’t mean you can’tjazz up your copy, even if you’re not selling off your significant other.

Make the description of your item compelling. Describe any and allcharacteristics, including any defects it may have. A seller has an obligationto honestly report on the condition of the item they’re putting up for auction.

Try to anticipate the questions a potential buyer may have about your itemand answer them in the description that you’re going to write.

It’s also a good idea to have someone proof what you’ve written. If thereare grammatical or spelling errors in your copy it will appear less thanprofessional and may put off those who might have been interested inpurchasing your item.Most of all be creative. Stand out from the crowd and you’ll do better thanyou might think.

Don’t Know What to Sell?

EBay gives you ideas on what to sell! Just check out the WANT IT NOWtab on eBay’s homepage to see what eBay buyers want but can’t find! Ifyou can fill that niche you’re in for a selling frenzy!

Got Feedback?

One of the things that a potential buyer will look at, besides your item, isyour feedback rating.
A feedback rating is what others have said about you as a buyer and as apurchaser. You want the best possible rating because this tells buyers thatyou are a person that can be trusted to sell and purchase in an honestmanner.
One way to get a fast feedback rating is to purchase penny items from eBaysellers. There are a great number of low-priced items on eBay, from eBooksto toys. Even if you don’t particularly need the item, you DO need a goodfeedback rating to instill trust in your potential clients.

Make sure you treat your customers right and hopefully they will reciprocateby leaving you an excellent feedback rating. In this way you’ll be building asolid reputation in the eBay community and word of mouth (feedback)means a great deal there.

Naturally you cannot please all the people all the time, but do your best andsoon you’ll have a reputation as someone that can be purchased from withpeace of mind.

So put potential buyer’s minds at ease by keeping your feedback rating highand you’ll make a lot more sales.

Excellent Customer Service

One of the mainstays of being a top seller on eBay is learning to respond toyour customers in a timely manner.

When you receive an email, answer it promptly. This will help make you asale. If you don’t respond, then a buyer may lose interest in your item andmove on to something else.

Learn from your experiences with sales clerks and businesses. If you’re notresponded to, then you’re not happy with your buying experience. Simplybecause you don’t have to see your customers face to face or speak to themon the phone doesn’t mean that you should ignore them. Email yourcustomers, send them a thank-you email, ask them questions to see howyou could improve their buying experience.

Give your customers excellent service and they will become repeatcustomers AND leave you good feedback responses, which will also increaseyour overall sales.

Open an eBay Store

If you sell one thing that’s great, but how about selling a LOT of things?Even better! If you open an eBay store you will enjoy some special perksgiven out by eBay that other regular sellers don’t get. You’ll have the optionto add search inventory along with your listings which can lead buyers toother auctions that you’re holding.

Having an eBay store allows you a central location to sell your items and aplace to send your customers.

EBay stores can net you a tidy sum if handled correctly. EBay makes it easyfor you and will give you tools that include the following:
  • Extra Marketing features
  • Allows you to design and customize your eBay store—and gives youthe tools to do it!
  • Easier listing management tools
  • Toll-free customer support
  • Access to a store listing format to make listing your many items easier
  • Three subscription levels of differing prices, Basic, Premium andAnchor. Each has different benefits and tools, with the Anchor storethe priciest option.

Buy It Now!

 Another great way to become a top eBay seller is to become a seller that isallowed to offer a fixed-price Buy-it-now price.

This enables you to set a fixed price that you will sell at which a buyer canthen meet and the auction is over! The plus side to this is that you get yourmoney sooner, rather than waiting for the end of the auction cycle and yourbuyers get their items faster.

If you have a lot of merchandise this is a good way to get it moving and ifyou have a product that’s in high demand it boosts your chances of makingmore sales in a shorter period of time.

Upgrade and Multiple List

If you want to make more sales on eBay, then you have to take advantageof their multiple listing categories. This puts your merchandise in front ofmore buyers, rather than just setting it up under one category.
It’s also a good idea to use eBay’s feature upgrades, like putting your text inbold, highlighting your words and even putting up extra pictures to catch theeyes of potential buyers. Again, use the search options to see whatsuccessful sellers are using to attract more customers. This will increaseyour chances of getting a sale, and that’s a good thing.

Use a Shorter Auction Cycle and Offer Guarantees

The last two tips I have for you to become a top eBay seller is to use ashorter auction cycle and offer money back guarantees.
Using a shorter cycle, three days instead of five, means that you’ll get yourmoney faster, potentially make more sales and perhaps reach a largercustomer base. Offering a guarantee will ease a potential buyer’s mind aboutwhether or not they should make the purchase. They know that if the itemisn’t to their liking, they can return it.

Find YOUR Pot of Gold on eBay!

It’s a matter of record that eBay has revolutionized the online buyingexperiences. Some say it’s the world’s biggest garage sale—and on somelevel that might be true. But eBay has also become synonymous withselling, buying, making money and much, much more.

If you’ve ever considered becoming a seller on eBay you should spend sometime visiting there and reading up on their rules and then search for thingsthat you might wish to sell. Start out part time and build up over time asyou learn from the See what other sellers are doing and how successful theyare at what they do. Take advantage of eBay’s tutorials, you can evenpurchase DVD’s to help increase your knowledge and therefore your abilityto become a Top Seller on eBay.

As I said before, knowledge is power and power translates into success as aTop eBay Seller.


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